Slittech, the specialist in slitting, laminating, sheeting, diecut and hotmelt coating. The reliable partner for all companies that contract out the processing of their products. It is becoming more and more common, in all kinds of sectors.

Made and calculated to precisely suit your specifications. Always ready on time. Agreement is agreement.

Discover the possibilities of Slittech: specialist in this branch. Examine our specialties in slitting, coating, and laminating.

Our Slittech specialist are real problem solvers. A rush job is no problem. Or a special slitting job nobody can do for you? We will find a solution, even if we need to build a custom machine.

Call us! Our specialists will gladly advise you what is best for your situation and supply you with ready–made solutions. So you can aim directly for new targets.

Slittech's specialities


Precision to one hundredths of a millimiter. That's our norm.

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You name,
we can laminate it.

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Hotmelt coating

The newest trend in our field and Slittech already masters the technique.

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