Slittech: the specialist in slitting, laminating, laser cutting, hot slitting, ultrasonic slitting, laminating, sheeting, die cutting en hotmelt coating.

Best service

Slittech is your partner when it comes to slitting, coating or laminating. We have experience in every sector, yours included.

Before the work starts, you will receive a competitive quote. Once you agree to the quote you can trust a timely delivery because of our tight scheduling. Deal is a deal, we will finish the work within the estimated time.

Heeft u een specifieke wens die om een maatwerkoplossing vraagt? Neem dan contact op met onze experts. In overleg is alles mogelijk.

Do you have a special requirement that calls for a non-standard solution? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we can make it work.


Precision to one hundredths of a millimiter. That's our norm.

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You name,
we can laminate it.

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Hotmelt coating

The newest trend in our field and Slittech already masters the technique.

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