Slitting from textile, plastic foil, non-woven, paper, laminate, etc. requires special slitting machines, adapted production methods and professional skill. Our clients always require higher requirements: even the smallest defects are not tolerated. Slittech is one of the few companies which can satisfy all of your demands.

For this reason Slittech designs and constructs its own computer-controlled slitting machines. This offers enormous advantages for you and ourself:

  • We directly start with your new orders
  • Quickly ready for deviant formats
  • Always an alert reaction to changing markets
  • Always the highest quality
  • Immediately ready to send to your customers


Precision to one hundredths of a millimiter. That's our norm.

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You name,
we can laminate it.

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Hotmelt coating

The newest trend in our field and Slittech already masters the technique.

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