Slittech slits sheets from rolls or bigger formats. The material is professionally precut and gets 24 hours of relax time if necessary. Then the matrial is slit to the final size.

These techniques are especially applied in the medical and graphic industry, food, car and traffic, heat insulation and publicity. In short: in the most multi-purpose industrial applications.


Slittech owns slitting machines in various sizes. For practically every material en machine is available.

We also useĀ guillotine shears to slit material exact and right-angled. The maximum material width is approximately 1500mm.

It’s also possible to first laminate your material and then slit to size.


Precision to one hundredths of a millimiter. That's our norm.

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You name,
we can laminate it.

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Hotmelt coating

The newest trend in our field and Slittech already masters the technique.

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