Sliting from all sorts of paper, paperboard, foil and non-woven. Slitting from one mother roll to different widths. All according to your specifications: the exact amount of meters with the exact width. The winding tension is always checked closely.

The process of winding from a mother roll, making one ore multiple slits and rewinding on new rolls. Some of the possible operations are, for example:

  • Slightly slitting of foils tom make it possible to break off material for roadside signs.
  • Making slits in the backing paper of sticker material for easy removal
  • Slitting mother rolls to smaller rolls

Rolls op to 1500mm wide are posible.

Just rewinding rolls

Sometimes material is rolled the wrong way so that your production line can’t process it. Slittech can help you rewind the roll the correct way.


Precision to one hundredths of a millimiter. That's our norm.

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You name,
we can laminate it.

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Hotmelt coating

The newest trend in our field and Slittech already masters the technique.

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